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Inspirada Real Estate for Sale in Las Vegas

Inspirada is a dynamic and evolving large-scaled, master-planned community located in the heart of the desirable small city of Henderson in the state of Nevada. It is one of the best places to live a green and sustainable lifestyle in the Las Vegas metropolitan area, not only because of Henderson City’s efforts, but also because of the parks and other amenities that the community offers.

Homes For Sale at Inspirada

Inspirada promises inspired living to its residents which is why its modern homes can be personalized according to the home buyers’ wishes and requests. Additionally, Inspirada homes are ENERGY STAR® certified homes, which means they save up to 30% energy compared to typical new homes. They also offer improved air quality and a more consistent temperature within the home.

Amenities at Inspirada

The amenities offered by Inspirada mostly cater to those who are living an active lifestyle, making it one of the best places for nature and outdoor lovers to live in not only in Las Vegas, but also in America. Inspirada residents get to enjoy 85 acres of walking and hiking trails, and open space including an integrated system of four parks, namely Aventura, Potenza, Capriola, and Solista, which are central to the daily life of the whole community.

Other amenities at Inspirada include heated pools, splash pads and water areas, various ball courts and fields, picnic areas, and dog parks. For an environmentally-friendly experience all your life, buy your very own Las Vegas homes for sale in Inspirada now.