Why Las Vegas Family Homes are Pet-Friendly

Why Las Vegas Family Homes are Pet-Friendly

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Some people treat their pets like their own children. Like parents who search for the best schools districts, a pet lover who starts looking for a home also have specific demands. This is why we made a list to convince you why real estate properties for sale in Las Vegas, Nevada are perfect for you and your cherished pets!

Customizable home features

Potential buyers take pet-friendly features seriously when looking for the right home. Luckily, there are family homes in Las Vegas that are diverse and can adjust to you and your pet’s needs.

Home amenities

Each family home in gated communities has different offers. From the simplest homes to the most extravagant ones, it will not be hard to find a house to experiment with and customize depending on your preferences. Some homes will suit your taste, but others will need more hands-on effort. In the end, you will never run out of choices because all family homes in Las Vegas are made with best standards.

Price range

Family homes in Las Vegas have a wide range of prices. Starting from $200,000, you will be able to choose according to your budget and needs. If you want to go all out with giving your pet a comfortable home, a pet-friendly home remodel could cost you so having a lot of choices will give you a good start.  

Sizes and areas

Pets, especially cats and dogs, need their separate spaces. For homebuyers with senior pets, a single-story home is ideal; but for families who own different kinds of pets, a spacious home would be fitting. Whether you are looking for a single-story or a multi-story home, real estate properties for sale in Las Vegas offer you an endless selection.

Pet-friendly neighborhood  

When searching for your dream home and neighborhood, it is important to consider the needs of all family members, including the family pets. According to a national pet owner’s survey, 65 percent of households make room for pets, which is why master-planned communities in Las Vegas greatly consider their needs.

Community amenities and outdoor recreation

Pets, especially dogs, need spaces to roam and run around. In Las Vegas, communities are pet-friendly and there are many parks which offer acres of spaces for outdoor activities like the Barkin’ Basin Dog Park, Desert Breeze Dog Park, Kellogg-Zaher Sports Complex Dog Park, and many more.

Pet-friendly shopping areas

Shopping areas, like Lazy Dog Restaurant and Bar, also offer pet-friendly dining and shopping. It has a patio area for both two-legged and four-legged diners, five pet water stations, and doggie bags throughout the place.

Homeowner’s association

Communities in Las Vegas have their own homeowner’s association webpage, where you can find frequently asked questions and community laws regarding pet ownership. Other topics about pets include adoption, lost and found, license, cruelty, permits, health, and sanitation.

Las Vegas pet services

Another thing to consider when looking for a home is the available pet services in the area. The surrounding areas of family homes in Las Vegas have services that you can count on, may it be pet sitting, dog walking, pet day care, or pet boarding. Some of the well-known boutiques in the city are Luxe Pet Hotels, All About Love Pet Care, and High 5 Pet Care.

Animal welfare in Las Vegas

In Las Vegas, there are animal welfare groups concerned with the health, safety, and psychological wellness of pets.

PAWS Las Vegas

Established in 2009, PAWS Las Vegas is a non-profit organization that protects as many animals from harm, abuse, and neglect.

City of North Las Vegas Animal Control Division

This organization performs a variety of services that help both animals and the public.

The Animal Foundation Las Vegas

With a mission to save the lives of all healthy and treatable animals in the Las Vegas Valley, The Animal Foundation is the highest volume single-site animal shelter not just in Las Vegas, but in America.

Animal Welfare and Wellness Las Vegas

This community of animal lovers provide events like webinar trainings, live animal well-being classes, fundraising, and social outings.

Nevada Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals

This promotes humane education, makes referrals for lower-cost vaccination services, and operates a no-kill animal sanctuary.

Pets are more than just animals. They require time, attention, as well as a safe and comfortable home just like people. Look for a real estate for sale in Las Vegas that will cater to your pet's needs to give you and your family's best friend a memorable home experience!