Top 10 Dog Parks in Las Vegas

Top 10 Dog Parks in Las Vegas

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As a popular tourist destination, the city of Las Vegas is designed to accommodate all kinds of people which makes it a good place to settle in. Moreover, it is a great city for dogs to live in.

Dog-sitting service provider platform included Las Vegas in its list of eight most dog-friendly places in the US. In fact, Las Vegas is the third ranking city with the most dog parks in the country next to Portland and San Francisco according to Veterinarian’s Modern Digest.

For dog owners who are interested in buying a home in Las Vegas, here are the top 10 dog parks in the city to take your lovely dogs to!

#10 Desert Breeze Dog Park

For dog owners browsing through Summerlin South homes for sale, just a few minutes west of the community is the Desert Breeze Dog Park that has three dog runs available, one for small dogs, one for middle sized dogs, and one for the larger ones that are over 30 pounds.

Each area in the Desert Breeze dog park has tables, benches, and chairs as well as a hose, water fountains, and doggy bags which are very convenient for the pet owners and dogs themselves.

#9 Sunset Dog Park

Located inside one of the largest public parks in Las Vegas near McCarran International Airport, Sunset Dog Park is a fenced-in park with two huge areas, one for the large dogs and one for the small ones.

You can enjoy a bonding date with your family and friends at the Sunset Park by jogging, playing sports, or fishing, and later play with your dog at the Sunset Dog Park. It is open from 6 AM to 11 PM, but it is better to go at the park during early morning or late evening hours as it often gets crowded!

#8 Woofter Dog Park

Woofter Dog Park is a 9-acre off-leash fenced dog park inside the Woofter family park with a fitness course and playground. Dogs must be current on all vaccinations and license, and under the owner’s control at all times inside the park. It also has separate areas for the large and small dogs.

#7 Centennial Hills Dog Park

If you are looking for homes for sale in Desert Shores in northwest Las Vegas, just 13 minutes away from it is Centennial Hills Park. The park offers picnic areas, concession stands, sand volleyball courts, soccer fields, and more for family and friends to enjoy as well as an off-leash dog park with two separate off-leash areas for pups of all sizes.

#6 Barx Parx

Barx Parx is the first-of-its-kind not just in Las Vegas but also in the whole state of Nevada. It is an indoor dog park with year-round climate-controlled environment. Its services include a doggy daycare, overnight boarding, training, self-wash stations, and more within its 6,025 square feet facility.

You would have to register your pups at their website and follow necessary steps to join their membership. Barx Parx also serves craft beer to the owners which makes it a 21-year-old and above establishment only.

#5 All American Dog Park

As one can expect from its name, the All American Park has two large football fields that people can choose from as well as five different sport fields and trails that are also appropriate for dogs.

Although a bit small, it also has a dog park for dogs of all sizes that is open from 7 AM to 11 PM every day of the week.

#4 Dog Fancier’s Park

Dog’s Fancier’s Park at the Clark County Parks & Recreation has five totally enclosed areas. Areas 1-4 can be reserved for exclusive use from 8 AM to 11 PM any day of the week meanwhile Area 5 is always open to the public every day from 6 AM to 11 PM. Of course, if there are no reservations in any of the areas, they are open for everyone’s use.

#3 Police Memorial Dog Park

Dogs are known to be man’s best friend for its loyalty and helpfulness to humans most especially to police officers, so it is not surprising that the Police Memorial Park near the community of Shadow Hills in Las Vegas has a dog park within its area. The Police Memorial Dog Park has a three section fenced doggy play area along with its other amenities like the Pickleball court and Roller Hockey rink.

#2 Barkin’ Basin Dog Park

Located within the Wayne Bunker Park, the Barkin’ Basin Dog Park is an off-leash space with two separate areas for the small and large dogs, and another one for dogs who want to rest. The 7.75-acre dog park is fenced in all around and is fully equipped with shady seating and water fountains.

The park also has a tree-shaded walking trail, playground, grilling area, and beautiful view of the nearby mountains.

#1 Kellog Zaher Dog Park

The Kellog Zaher Sports Complex at the Washington Avenue has one of the cleanest, most organized, and well-maintained dog parks in the city. It has two fenced and gated sections to separate the small and big dogs. Moreover, the dog park has a full breathtaking view of the Las Vegas Strip!

Las Vegas as a city is a complete package from its numerous casinos, exciting shopping malls, breathtaking natural landscapes, and even fun dog parks!

Buy a home in Las Vegas now for yourself and family including your dogs!

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