Thanksgiving Centerpiece Ideas

Thanksgiving Centerpiece Ideas

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Holidays are even better when your environment is fitting to the event you are celebrating. Meant to celebrate good harvest, Thanksgiving originated from the religious culture of the Pilgrims and Puritans and is now one of the most popular and most observed holidays in United States, Canada, and the Caribbean countries.

And the central event in Thanksgivings are the dinners with the menu consisting of stuffing, casseroles, pies and the ever famous roasted turkey. But even with the sumptuous food filling the tables, Thanksgiving will not be the same without the centerpieces.

For an atmosphere that will make you really want to say “Thank you!”, here are some DIY (Do-it-yourself) Thanksgiving centerpiece ideas that you can start considering now as the celebration is just right around the corner!

Fresh and Zesty

If you want to a Thanksgiving with a crisp ambiance, definitely go for a centerpiece that is filled with citrus elements like oranges and lemons drizzled with their leaves that are either sitting on a wooden tub or lined up as a garland in the middle of the table. Candles, lanterns, as well as the use of clear wine glasses, white plates, and mats will elevate the look you are going for.


Go Retro

For a 70s themed Thanksgiving centerpiece, you do not need to add old large records in the middle. What you can do is maximize on the colors of avocado, harvest gold, sunflower, chocolate, and more that screams retro. You can also use old 70s coolers, mugs, and bottles and adorn it with houseplants.


Whimsical Whiff

You can have your own definition of whimsical! But for us, a whimsical Thanksgiving centerpiece consist shades of violet, blue, emerald, and even red, that you can incorporate on vases with large arrangements of magnolias or hydrangeas, random placements of teapots, lines of twinkling lights, and peculiar but entrancing ornaments. Honestly, it is all up to you!

Flowers and Sheaf

With Thanksgiving all about the celebration of harvest, it is only natural to go for a traditional route but with a flavor of elegance. Include the customary flower arrangement of the blossom of your choice and towering bundles of sheaf tied with a thin yarn, all elevated by either burgundy or maroon table covers.


Rustic Texture

Look around your yard and you should see items that you can use for a rustic centerpiece idea! We are talking about wooden crates, boxes, cans, and even apothecaries! Litter them around the table of course with white flowers, acorns, or berries placed inside or on them. You can also add tree branches, twigs, and sticks. If you are not keen on buying manufactured ones, you can pick the best looking ones aside for you to clean, paint, design, and eventually display!


Grand with Gold

A cornucopia in the middle with fruit splurging out of it is one way to make your feast truly reflect an affluent harvest! Match it with gold painted pumpkins, plates, and cutlery and you are on your way to a Roman Empire-inspired gathering. To make the atmosphere even more luscious, you can include gold-plated vases carrying mums of intense colors.

White Grace

You can also go for something sophisticated and bright for your Thanksgiving centerpiece and this will require for you to only use neutral colors of white, black, gray, or silver. Of course, use a table cover of the colors already mentioned then proceed to add glossy wares wrapped with white ribbons, clear containers filled with either almonds or chestnuts, a paddleboard lined with dried flowers, trails of ivy, or a strand of pine tree leaf, as well as candles and fake antlers.

Pumpkins and Apples for Everything

A staple of every Thanksgiving, pumpkins and apples can also make up your entire centerpiece presentation. First, you can turn pumpkins into vases. Just carve them and place wildflowers, burlaps, and wheat inside and you’re good to go! They can also be candle holders or plainly sitting in the middle of the table with branches of berries pierced on them.

For apples, you can either have a basket out of them or turn them into candleholders or just place them idly in the center with grapevines and dried leaves draped around them. Throw in pears for an added flair!


Quick Setup

Maybe you have failed to come up with a final Thanksgiving centerpiece or the cooking or other errands had hindered you to do so. Do not worry as you can still come up with a Thanksgiving centerpiece that matches ones planned for weeks. Creativity is only the key!

For a cost-effective and quick fix, you can grab old watering cans or vases and put vibrant rolled up napkins on them then augment the vibe with candle holders patched with fresh leaves, and paddleboards with grapes or any type of fruit you want. For an even simpler and quicker setup, you can just have an unfussy display of candles, joined by pinecones, evergreens, and clementines.

Fall Inspired

Since Thanksgiving strikes in the season of fall, it is only fitting to infuse your centerpiece with it. For an autumnal feeling, bring out the gourds and place them on baskets or wooden tool boxes. Add lanterns, mason jars, pinecones, dried leaf garlands on a table wrapped with a checkered table runner!

Metallic Edge

For those who do not want the orange and brown hue brought by common Thanksgiving decorations, you can go for something edgier and you can do this by focusing on metal and white palettes. Use silver baubles, frosted pinecones, stained vases, and metallic planters. To not completely take away the Thanksgiving vibe, include snow-kissed wreathes or spray painted pumpkins.

Modern Minimalist

You also do not need large flower arrangements or elaborate patterns to call your Thanksgiving centerpiece a success. Most of the time, simplicity brings out the grand. If you are a person who wants your centerpiece minimal and up to the times, use whatever design you are thinking of. What we recommend is maximizing on your table, a modest but elegant table is sometimes the only thing you need. Bring in your tableware and cutlery then insert hints of harvest with mini pumpkins and cobs and occasional dashes of bay leaves.

Eclectic Flair

Eclectic is always in so do not be afraid to mix and match for your centerpiece! Before starting with your eclectic venture, you are going to need to sit down and brainstorm ideas. It is exciting to have a different centerpiece every year so make sure you are being diverse.

Look around your home and see what you can use for your centerpiece. You can use old pitchers or the dahlias found in your garden and even get elements from your previous Thanksgiving centerpieces.

For some, centerpieces might not be much but they actually build the hype that makes Thanksgiving ultimately memorable. Make Las Vegas homes for sale brighter this Thanksgiving with the perfect centerpiece.

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