Romantic Home Decorations

Romantic Home Decorations

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The most romantic time of the year is coming! What better way to make your loved ones feel special than bringing the romantic air from your date night into your home? Here are romantic home decoration ideas for your Las Vegas home!

Follow your heart

As heart has been the symbol for love and Valentine’s Day for decades, there is nothing wrong with following the trend as this shape never gets old. Dress up your couch with heart-shaped throw pillows or pillow cases with heart prints, or place a heart wreathe on your front door to welcome your loved one home. If you are planning to have a dinner date at home, use heart-shaped candles to give the place a soft romantic glow.

Spread the love

Emphasize that love is in the air with L-O-V-E letter blocks as decorations on coffee tables or on end tables. You can also hang a wooden wall decoration with L-O-V-E engraved or embossed on it on bare walls that look a bit plain. If you are an artsy person, you can shape Styrofoam blocks into large L-O-V-E letters and use them as standees to decorate the floor and room corners.

Be pretty in pink

Red is not the only color for Valentine’s Day and romance—pink can be romantic too! Drape your home with pastel pink chiffon fabric or surround it with pastel pink flowers. Use baby pink candlesticks to add a romantic touch to dining tables and mantles. You can also use light-pink folded shawls or blankets to drape over couches or to tie across the backs of dining chairs.

Use flower power

Do not forget the flowers! Flowers are the best gifts and decorations for any occasion and they do very well as home Valentine’s Day decorations if you know what kinds of flowers to choose. There are also many ways to incorporate them into your home: you can put them in vases, pots, baskets, or if you want, you can just shower the floors with petals!

Relive picture perfect moments

Last but definitely not the least, find your sweetest old photographs as a couple or as a family and make it the center of attraction by reprinting it in a larger size and framing it. You can also make a heart-shaped collage of all your photos together and hang it on the wall. Your pictures, unlike any other decorations, add a more personal touch to the romantic ambience in your home.
Are you looking for Las Vegas homes for sale that are perfect for Valentine’s Day decorations? Or do you want to know if dressing up your Las Vegas real estate for sale for an open house will affect your property value? Contact an agent today for real estate assistance!