Best Pets for Family Homes

Best Pets for Family Homes

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Pets can provide companionship, entertainment, and educational experiences for children. Pet ownership has many benefits, but it is also a serious business because pets are living creatures that require care and attention. If you are looking for homes for sale in Las Vegas, Nevada and you are deciding which pet to bring home with you, it is best to know which kinds of pets are best for pet-friendly family homes in Las Vegas.


A fish is the perfect “starter” pet for a child. But not just any fish will do. You need an easy-to-manage breed like Tetra, Danios, Platies, White Cloud, and Goldfish.

Best Pets for Family Homes - Fish

Fishes are known to have a calming effect on people who watch them. They are also quiet so you will never have to worry about upsetting your neighbors. Although they do need a well-maintained fishbowl to live, fishes are less expensive to feed. Lastly, an aquarium of any size will be a great addition in any room in your home.


In the United States, there are more than sixty breeds of rabbits, so you can choose from a wide variety of colors, ear lengths, and sizes. Rabbits are intelligent and social animals that prefer quiet environments so they may not fit well in a hectic family or with other rowdy pets. They also need a lot of exercise so if you are considering to get one, you need to look for Las Vegas homes for sale with a safe outdoor environment.

Best Pets for Family Homes - Rabbit



Hamsters are also called “pocket pets” because of their size. They are cute, furry, and friendly. The most common hamster breeds are Syrian and Roborovski. Unlike other animals, they are not needy. They do not need a lot except for food, water, and a clean cage. Although the first steps in getting them are a bit pricey, hamsters are fairly low maintenance compared to other pets.  Regular gentle handling promotes friendliness but always be mindful that they could bite you especially when they feel threatened.

Best Pets for Family Homes - Hamster



Birds are excellent pets because of their intelligence, but owning them can get demanding. They require daily attention and routine. On the bright side, there are species that are easier to care for than others. There are many charming pet birds that will not need great demands but will still be good companions, such as doves, finches, and parakeets.

Best Pets for Family Homes - Bird



Cats are notoriously independent and they somewhat need less attention and care than dogs. If your family home has a limited living space, a cat may be a better choice. Furthermore, they are not high maintenance – most cats are litter box trained so you do not have to worry about walking them out on rainy days.

Best Pets for Family Homes - Cats



How can we forget man’s best friend? The connection between humans and dogs has been acknowledged as one of the strongest bonds. Dogs are incredibly loyal; their positivity is infectious; and they make you stay active. They also provide health benefits like lower systolic blood pressure and lower stress level.

Best Pets for Family Homes - Dog

A pet is always a welcome addition to your family and sharing your Las Vegas home with an animal can bring you great joy! Enjoy your new Las Vegas home with a pet!