20 Ideas for Spring Decorations

20 Ideas for Spring Decorations

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Spring is upon us! Blooming flowers, animals coming out of hibernation—all of these in a just a few weeks’ time. The spring equinox will not happen until the 21st of March, but it is definitely not too early to get into the spirit. Some Las Vegas real estates for sale already come with a few spring decorations like floral items or plants. But if your house does not, then it’s time to get some spring décor! Tend to your personal gardens, and let us welcome this beautiful season! Here are 20 ideas for spring decorations that you can do inside and outside your house!

1. Add a twist to flower vases
Flower vases are, of course, common when you think about spring décor ideas. However, you can add a twist to these flower vases and make it unique. Instead of using regular vases, use glasses or transparent jars, and then put food coloring to the water to give a colorful punch. Make sure the colors you use match the flowers in the vase, too!

2. Put a floral basket on your door

It may sound like it is one of the unconventional spring decorations, but it will truly give your house a one-of-a-kind appeal. This will be one of the very first things that will greet people when they come up to your house so go ahead and get one. (Photo by Laurey W. Glenn via Southern Living)

3. Change your pillowcases
Changing the pillowcases of your throw pillows at your living room is also a good spring decorating idea. Get into the spirit of spring by choosing pillowcases with floral patterns or green accents. This will definitely contribute to the vibes in your home.

4. Do a unique floral wreath
If a door basket is not to your liking, then you can opt for a floral wreath instead. Floral wreaths are common but it can still add to the spring aesthetic you are trying for the new season.

5. Use egg shells as grass planters

Start saving egg shells now and use them as grass planters. These egg shell grass planters can be a good addition your shelves, window sills, or small tables. They can be unique spring decorations inside your house. (Photo by Gardenista)

6. Put a basket of tulips as centerpiece
Tulips are large and bright, and having them as a table centerpiece will definitely perk up your home. Gather a bunch of them and arrange them carefully in a basket, and put it in the middle of your dining table.

7. Put up floral tea cups around the table
Aside from a tulip basket centerpiece, you can also decorate your table or your kitchen with floral tea cups. All you need to do is put a large-budded flower inside a teacup. Several of these things will definitely make a beautiful spring décor display.

8. Put up hydrangeas
Small hydrangea bushes will also bring spring inside your house. You can put them up in your home office or the library or reading room to bring a little bit of life.

9. Make use of pampas grass

You can also make use of pampas grass as spring decorations. This tall grass plant can be placed in the living room or your bedroom, near the windows or by the wall. They are incredibly unique and will improve the aesthetic of your home. (Photo by Hunt & Host)

10. Use orchids
Orchids, with their rich and vibrant colors, can be a great spring décor for your home. Hang them or put them in vase and let their beauty speak for themselves.

11. Hang spring or floral artworks

Apart from flowers, other things you can use as spring decorations are artworks. They are simple, and you only need to hang them in your wall, but you will be surprised just how much it can contribute to the appeal of your home. (Photo by Live Laugh Rowe)

12. Change your rugs or carpets
You can also go ahead and change your rugs or carpets. Pick colors or patterns that will go well with the lively and colorful season.

13. Put flowerpots on your porch or driveway

Not all spring decorations has to be inside the house, you can also decorate outside of your house. Put magnificent flowerpots on your porch or your driveway. This way it is not only and your family who get to enjoy a little bit of spring, but other people as well. (Photo by Carmen Johnston Gardens)

14. Put up floral wallpapers
If you are really up for a change of scene, put up floral wallpapers this spring! Simple designs can change your home and its ambiance, so make sure to pick one that will still show your personality.

15. Plant bougainvillea on your lawn or garden

Bougainvillea is a beautiful climbing plant known for its vibrant flowers and its size as they can grow up to 30 feet. It comes in a variety of colors including red, pink, lilac, orange, white, and yellow.  Plant a small bush in your garden or your lawn and it will surely be a colorful addition to your property. (Photo by Fine Gardens)

16. Showcase plants in the living room
Aside from flowers, you can definitely showcase potted plants in your living room as well. Some of the best indoor plants are snake plants, cacti, aloe plants, and rubber plants. You can put them in corners, beside the furniture, by the wall, or on tables.

17. Have a butterfly theme
You can also have a little butterfly theme going this spring, as they can be associated with the blooming of flowers. Get butterfly-themed home décor and spread it around the house. This can definitely be a great addition to your spring decorating ideas.

18. Hang wisteria bushes
Wisteria bushes are also great spring décor ideas. Their soft pink, lilac, and white color brings warmth and coziness into your house, perfect for the spring season.

19. Make use of chalkboard vases
Another unique twist to the common flower vase idea is the use of chalkboard vases. These chalkboard flower vases will allow you to write or draw anything you want, so it can be creative and fun.

20. Put up succulent plants

Having succulent plants around the house is also a good idea for spring decorations. You can line several of them in a window sill, at bookshelves, or your bedside table. (Photo by DecOMG)

Spring is truly a beautiful season, a representation of new beginnings. So keep these spring décor ideas in mind to make sure your home has nothing but positive vibes!

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